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Zero Emission Nissan ‘Leaf’ Electric Car Revealed

Car manufacturers Nissan have announced their new 100% electric car, the Leaf, will be rolled out in car showrooms by the end of next year. The zero carbon vehicle would not only have a greater range than other electric cars on the market but would also have a top speed of 90 miles per hour and will be available in Japan, the US, Europe and the UK.

The new electric car will sit in the £10-15k price bracket and will be the first mass-produced electric car on the market. In contrast to other electric cars, however, it will be looking to fill a gap in the family car market appealing to those wanting to reduce their family’s carbon footprint, as a 5 door hatchback with no carbon emissions. The green machine also boasts a 100 mile range between charges compared to the top figure of 70 miles for the city favourite, G-Wiz.

Nissan’s Sunderland plant is hoping to win the bid to build the cars for the European market, but they are currently having to compete with other Nissan factories in France, Portugal and Spain. The car manufacturer is currently in talks with the British government about funding to help secure the British factory a piece of the action.

Transportation accounts for a significant proportion of many people’s carbon emissions over a year, and finding green alternatives to the conventional petrol fuelled car is one of the major ways that we can hope to see a major reduction in global carbon emissions.

The announcement of the new electric car isn’t the only green technology to be announced by Nissan recently. As well as a range of 100% electric vehicles set to rival other vehicles on the market, not just fellow electric vehicles, but cars built using hybrid technology such as the Honda Insight and the ever popular Toyota Prius, Nissan are also pioneering wireless charging technology for their electric vehicles. The inductive charging technology is expected to be groundbreaking in making charging electric vehicles much easier and faster than through conventional methods which require drivers to carry a mains plug in order to recharge.

Research conducted by Nissan showed that most people’s reservations about electric vehicles are surrounding perceived problems around recharging, so with technology such as this that could be built into shopping centre and service station car parks, and the more attractive features of longer distances between charging and larger vehicles suitable for the family, Nissan could be putting ticks in boxes for many more people with their new range of electric powered technology.

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  1. The car manufacturer is currently in talks with the British government about funding to help secure the British factory a piece of the action.

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  2. I thought they were going to building these cars in the US?

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