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Women’s Institute Launches Campaign Against Climate Change

The Women’s Institute announced the launch of their new campaign, Women and Climate Change, yesterday. The campaign focuses on promoting the role women can play and the impact they can have on helping reduce the impact of climate change.

The WI argues that women have considerable buying power across a range of consumer areas, from choosing a green energy supplier for their home, to making ethical choices at the checkout when doing the weekly shop. The decisions women make can go a long way to making or breaking the carbon cutting challenges that governments and organisations are setting and pushing for in order to reduce the environmental impact of global warming and rising temperatures.

As well as promoting the role women play in helping reduce carbon emissions, the Women’s Institute is showing concern towards the amount of women around the world who would see the effects of climate change impacting on their lives. The WI stresses that the role that women play in many countries sees them lower placed in society, making it much harder for their voices to be heard and to be able to cope if environmental disasters occur. In addition, the WI is campaigning for higher representation when it comes to environmental policy making, as they believe the responsibility that women has is not represented to the extent it should be at the levels where it is needed to be able to make a difference.

The campaign, which follows on from activities such as helping local communities reduce their carbon footprints, and members undertaking challenges to reduce their own carbon emissions by 20%, was launched at an event chaired by Lucy Seigle and attended by representatives from Good Energy, Oxfam and Jane Ruddock MP from the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

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