Campaigning for a greener future

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Definition

1.1 The Green Directory is a comprehensive directory comprising of companies who offer environmentally friendly products, services or make considerable green commitments. It aims to provide people viewing the directory with ethical alternatives to help them reduce their carbon footprints, but at the same time is about promoting businesses that value the environment, planet and limited resources that both offer.

2.0 Fee

2.1 A standard annual fee of £69 is payable on registration, and must be renewed each year on the anniversary of registration. The renewal fee will be taken automatically at the anniversary of registration, however if this is unsuccessful, The Green Village Admin Team will generate a reminder when your listing renewal fee is due. Although information regarding payment will be provided in the reminder, you will need to ensure payment of the fee in order for your listing to remain live on The Green Village Green Directory.

2.2 If payment of the annual fee has not been received following the reminder, The Green Village Admin Team will suspend your directory listing. Your listing can be reinstated if payment is received, however an additional administration charge of £10 will be incurred, which will need to be paid at the same time as the renewal fee. If no fee is received by the deadline contained in the reminder email, The Green Village Admin Team reserves the right to remove the listing completely from the Green Village Green Directory.

3.0 Directory Listing

3.1 To enable The Green Village Admin Team to contact you regarding your listing, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are up to date. This is particularly important with regard to your email address in case of any problems encountered when attempting to collect the annual fee (see 2.2). You can advise The Green Village Admin Team of any changes by contacting us and the records will be updated accordingly.

3.2 If The Green Village Admin Team needs to contact you about a problem with your listing and this is unsuccessful because the details provided are incorrect, The Green Village Admin Team reserves the right to suspend the directory listing until said issue is resolved.

3.3 By submitting your listing to The Green Village Green Directory, you are confirming that your company abides by the conditions stated in 1.1, and agree that if this is not the case, The Green Village Admin Team can suspend your listing from the directory without warning and without any refund of fees paid for the listing concerned.

3.4 If the nature of the business of any companies listed in The Green Village Green Directory changes and The Green Village Admin Team is not informed of this, you agree that your listing can be suspended until any issues are resolved.

3.5 Once submitted, The Green Village Admin Team will process your listing. If your listing is approved, it will appear on The Green Village Green Directory within 3-5 working days of payment being received.

If you are unsure whether your listing would be accepted, please contact us prior to submitting your listing to the directory, as once your listing has been processed, we are unable to provide refunds of any fee paid.

Also, if you have any other queries regarding any of the above terms and conditions, please contact us and we will respond to your email as soon as possible.