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Honey bees

Omlet’s Beehaus Could Be The Answer To Declining Bee Populations

Britain’s declining bee numbers have been cause for concern but the new beehive by Omlet could be the answer for boosting bee populations. The beehaus, backed by Natural England, is being dubbed as the urban beehive and has been designed to make it easy to keep bees in a garden or on a rooftop, helping ensure pollination of fruit and vegetables and providing up to 50 jars of honey over the summer.

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Jordans Cereals Have Got ‘The Buzz’ About Bee Conservation

Jordans cereals have been committed to using conservation grade cereals in their products for over twenty years now, thanks to the initiative of Bill Jordan in 1985. Now they’re bringing the wildlife promoting aspect of their farming practices to the rest of Britain in ‘The Big Buzz’.

The farms that produce the conservation grade crops for Jordans are encouraged to plant wildflower meadows, trees and hedgerows and to install farms to encourage wildlife across the board, but with emphasis on helping bee populations grow. Bees are an extremely important part of food production, not just for the honey they produce, but also for the essential role they play in pollination.

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