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Glass ramekin dishes

One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure

Well when I say ‘trash’ I’m perhaps not being 100% accurate because I was never going to throw this ‘trash’ in the bin. Even adding it to my recycling was out of the question, even though the items could be recycled along with glass jars and bottles. No, the subject of this post was not complete ‘trash’, but was something I wasn’t getting use of right now and I felt enough is enough. I needed to find this treasure a new home.

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Reduce, Re-use, FREECYCLE!

Everybody is well aware of the growing need to recycle and generally minimise the amount they throw away. Landfill sites are filling up and closing and there isn’t the same availability to open new sites that there used to be. But even if there was, just burying what we no longer need doesn’t help anybody. That’s where a fantastic community called Freecycle comes into its own.

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