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Delays for the Catlin Arctic Survey

The Catlin Arctic Survey, an expedition to find out how long the ice cover of the Arctic Sea is likely to remain, has been delayed due to problems with equipment. The team, made up of Ann Daniels, Pen Hadow and Martin Hartley, will be embarking on a 3 month trek and braving up to -50°C temperatures to answer this important question.

The Survey aims to provide important data to enable scientists to make more accurate estimates about the length of time before the ice melts, as current projections have estimates ranging from 4 to 100 years. Measurements of the ice and snow along the 1000km distance the team will be travelling will be taken using a portable radar capable of penetrating the ice.

It was hoped that the team would set off today after a 24hr delay in a light aircraft that would take them on their 6 hour journey to the drop off point, however even if they make it into the air, if weather conditions are poor, the aircraft could be forced to turn back adding further delays to the Survey’s progress. To read more about the Catlin Arctic Survey and follow the progress of the team, visit the website.

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