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Heathrow Loses The Plot

A current campaign by environmental activist group Greenpeace has seen them purchase a plot of land lying across the area where development is planned to take place to extend Heathrow Airport.

The ‘Airplot’ campaign aims to stop the expansion through the proposed building of the third runway at the airport, action which Friends of the Earth have also commented on, stating that the expansion “is a hammer blow for UK climate targets that will shatter Gordon Brown’s international reputation on the environment”.

The campaign already has the backing of impersonator Alistair McGowan and actress Emma Thompson, among others, and Greenpeace is urging the public to join the campaign to help prevent Heathrow being able to claim the title of ‘biggest carbon footprint in the UK’.

The planning process for the project is likely to go on for years, and Greenpeace advises that there are many stages along the way for people to get involved with and do their bit to try and veto the development. To read more about the campaign, visit the Greenpeace website.

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