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Germany Sees Hottest April in 120 Years

Climate change has been blamed for causing what could end up being the hottest April Germany has seen since records began. DWD, the German Weather Service has reported temperatures that have been on average 4.5 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. Wolfgang Kusch, president of the DWD said yesterday,

“The climate change train is not just rolling, it’s getting faster and faster. If the next two days pan out as expected, we will have a new record month.”

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Germany Says ‘No’ To Growing Monsanto’s GM Crop

After permitting farmers to grow Monsanto’s GM maize variety MON 810 since 2005, Ilse Aigner, Germany’s Agricultural Minister has announced the country’s decision to ban further growth of the genetically engineered crop. This decision, Aigner added, is based on science, not politics, as they have concerns that the variety could be a threat to the environment.

Germany will join Austria, who banned the import of another GM variety produced by Monsanto in July 2008, MON 863, after reports of rats that had eaten the maize suffering damage to internal organs; Hungary, France and Greece, in refusing to grow the variety, which the biotech industry comments is as safe as traditional maize varieties.

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