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Stern: Shell Don’t Believe We Can Prevent 2 Degree Rise

The debates about climate change and its inevitability, our ability to prevent it happening and what we do to mitigate its effects if we fail to act are becoming more heated.

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Richborough Power Station

Is Energy Evil, or our Attitude towards it?

This morning, I headed along for the first of Keele University’s open lectures being run in conjunction with Go Green Week. Across the campus, a range of exhibitions, events and sessions are taking place to inspire students and the wider community to consider sustainability and its role in our lives.

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BP Oil Leak Stopped With ‘Top Kill’ Method

Five weeks into the oil leak caused by an explosion at a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and a number of unsuccessful attempts at plugging the holes in the pipework later, BP’s latest solution, ‘top kill’, has managed to stop the flow of oil and natural gas.

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river clyde tidal barrier

Proposed Tidal Barrier Could Provide Renewable Green Energy

A new £250 million tidal barrier is being proposed to be constructed across the River Clyde which will not only create a flood barrier but would also be able to generate enough renewable energy to power all the homes in Glasgow.

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car free day

World Carfree Day 2009 Taking Place On 22nd September

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 is World Carfree Day, the day each year when people are urged to leave their cars at home and use alternative transport. Around the world, different events take place to spread the word about the importance of relinquishing our hold on oil powered transportation and the alternative methods of transportation and public transport services that are available.

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wrap wood waste

WRAP Research Indicates Waste Wood Demand Will Outstrip Supply

A new study conducted by WRAP, Waste & Resources Action Programme, published on 28th August 2009, has identified that demand for waste wood will outstrip supply in the next few years. The report, ‘Wood Waste Market in the UK’, provides both a detailed analysis of how the situation with waste wood product availability is likely to develop over the coming years, and also looks at the origins of waste wood products.

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extracting oil

Saudi Arabian Oil Leader Says Renewable Energy Cannot Win Out Over Oil

Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, Mr Abdallah S. Jum’ah was the speaker at a Royal Academy of Engineering lecture and dinner on 17th June, which set out to discuss the issue of technology being the key to the sustainability of future energy generation.

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Florida Can’t Afford To Dismiss Drilling For Oil: Dean Cannon

Dean Cannon, state representative for Florida and set to take up the position of speaker in the House of Representatives in 2010, is arguing strongly for Florida to take advantage of oil and gas reserves off the coast of Florida, despite residents’ concerns about the potential environmental impact this could have for the states’ beaches.

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