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age of stupid australia and new zealand premier

Age Of Stupid Premiere In Australia And New Zealand

Climate change film ‘The Age of Stupid’ will see Pete Postlethwaite posing the question of why we didn’t do something to save ourselves to Australia and New Zealand at tomorrow’s premiere. The premiere will be the follow on from the low carbon example set by the UK premiere in March which set a Guiness world record for the largest simultaneous film premiere with people watching the live link-up with London from cinemas across the UK.

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There Aren’t Plenty More Fish In The Sea According To ‘The End Of The Line’

There have been many stories over the last couple of decades warning of fish stock depletion due to over fishing of the world’s oceans, especially with cod. But the reality is that if current practices continue to be used, and at the rate presently seen, one day there will be no fish left in the sea.

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