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Andy Dayus - Head of Renewables Operations at Opus Energy

Opus Energy: Powering Businesses With Renewables

Opus Energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing companies providing gas and electricity to the business market in the UK. The company currently supplies energy to over 160,000 business locations and employs over 500 staff in its offices set in Northampton and Oxford.

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Morleys Brixton pound transition town (photograph: Kake Pugh via Flickr)

Brixton Pound Moves Town Closer To ‘Transition Town’ Status

Brixton will be taking a step in the direction of market towns Stroud, Totnes and Lewes with the launch of the Brixton Pound on Thursday 17th September. As the economy is still in the throes of recession, the concept of transition towns is being looked at as a model that could help ease the economic tensions by encouraging communities to become more self-supporting, as well as helping combat the problems of peak oil and climate change added to by transportation of goods from around the world.

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Defra Launches Eco-Design Consulation To Safeguard Energy Standards

A new consultation announced today by Government agency, Defra, aims to canvass 213 companies including supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tesco and Asda, energy companies E-on, Npower and British Gas and a range of environmental charities and organisation such as Forum for the Future and WWF.

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