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Overgrown trees

New Treeplanting Schemes Not The Answer To Deforestation

Deforestation has long been known to be a crime against the planet and of serious detriment to the environment. Rainforests that have covered the land for thousands of years are being eaten into every day with little or no regard for the consequences once this valuable carbon sink has been destroyed in order to feed the developed world’s hunger for consumer products.

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Marine Algae Could Reveal the Ocean’s Role in Global Warming

Research conducted into marine algae could provide information and answers about the role it plays in global warming.

The type of algae concerned, Micromonas, has been the subject of a study by a team of scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California to sequence the DNA of the tiny organism, each cell of which is about 1/50th of the width of a human hair. The team is headed up by Alexandra Worden, a microbiologist at MBARI, and JGI, the Joint Genome Institute. JGI is part of the US Department of Energy and works to advance the study of genes to help find new ways of generating clean energy and improving the environment.

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