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Sustainable Development Spurred On By New Building Regulations In Wales

Yesterday, the Housing Minister for Wales, Jane Davidson, announced that Wales will be setting stricter rules on new buildings from September 1st. The building regulations currently in place are outdated and this movement will help create more sustainable homes in the future.

The new regulations will reduce the carbon emissions of new home builds by over 31%, compared to the old system and new houses will need to consume less water and be built of more sustainable materials to meet the standards set.

Minister Davidson says that she wants to use the planning system to it’s full extent in order to push Wales to create zero-carbon homes:

“Making our buildings greener will play an important part in reducing our carbon footprint as the built environment is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases in Wales. The way in which we construct our homes and buildings accounts for 40% of our total carbon emissions.”

Skepticism has crept in however; the director of the Federation of Master Builders in Wales stated that although he was glad for any push towards sustainable development, house building in Wales is in a lull at the moment.

Another cause for concern is that new houses will become more expensive under the new regulations. However, with greater efficiency as standard, savings on utility bills is likely to appeal to many who are looking for a new long-term home in Wales.

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