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Stern: Shell Don’t Believe We Can Prevent 2 Degree Rise

The debates about climate change and its inevitability, our ability to prevent it happening and what we do to mitigate its effects if we fail to act are becoming more heated. Fossil fuel companies continue to attempt their justifications for oil explorations, putting rainforests and potentially the pristine Arctic at risk. With coal, oil and gas powering many of our daily activities, especially in the Western world, can we really work together to reduce emissions and avoid the 2ºC temperature increase that the IPCC recommends to prevent irreversible climate change? Leading economist Nick Stern points out that Shell don’t think so.

In a live Guardian discussion where Stern appeared on the panel, he points out that Shell believe it is a safe bet to bet against the world combating climate change. He says their belief is that the world will not succeed in implementing and meeting targets to cut fossil fuel consumption and prevent global temperature rises exceeding 2ºC. Stern however is more confident, stating that people will insist on policies to prevent global warming exceeding this crucial benchmark.

Listen to Nick Stern’s comments in full below:

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