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man laying a hedge (photograph: by soundslogical via flickr)

Stella Artois To Fund Hedgelaying In The UK

Master Brewers, Stella Artois have teamed up with the Tree Council to fund traditional hedgelaying throughout the UK. Over the next two years, Stella Artois will market promotional multi-packs of lager and for each pack, will donate funds to grow and plant hedge saplings.

It is hoped that the scheme will replenish hedgerows up and down the country with the company pledging to provide up to 365,000 hedgerow saplings and more than 8,500 hedgerow trees. Both the Tree Council and the National Hedgelaying Society will be responsible for organising and laying the hedges and environmentalist and television star Ben Fogle will be the face of the campaign.

Stella Artois are also pushing hard to reduce their carbon footprint in other areas too by using at least 50% recycled aluminium in the cans for their lager, more than 75% recycled glass in their bottles and 100% recycled paper in cardboard boxes used to transport their products.

The promotion is being titled the Stella Artios ‘Hedge Fund’ and the new packs will be in stores starting this month.

The campaign has already come under scrutiny by the press stating that this promotion is all about softening the image that Stella has acquired, however with the company becoming the first alcoholic beverage company to work closely with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), Stella Artois are proving that they are taking real steps to become an environmentally friendly company.

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