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Staycationing – A Greener Way To Holiday

With the current economic climate putting restraints on the amount of money people have available to spend on a holiday, staycationing is becoming a popular solution to the family holiday on the cheap. Holidaying in the UK doesn’t only save cash. It can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet one holiday at a time.

One of the big environmental bonuses of staycationing is the reduced impact from the method of transport you can use to get to your destination. As many people have recently tended to holiday abroad, the form of transport of choice has been by air. Plane travel is one of the biggest contributors to an individual’s carbon footprint, so by reducing the amount of people flying to their holiday destinations, the country’s collective carbon emissions can be significantly reduced.

As the market for lower impact holidays increases, the amount of options available for eco holidays is also growing. Whether your preferred choice of holiday is camping, caravanning or staying in a hotel or B&B, there are people out there offering a greener way to holiday. Schemes such as the Green Dragon Environmental Standard enable holiday home owners meeting certain green criteria to become accredited for their environmental credentials, something that more people are demanding as awareness of the importance of reducing carbon emissions increases.

The additional bonus of people choosing to staycation rather than travelling abroad for their holidays is the boost this provides for local economies in holiday resorts across the UK. As well as providing demand for local businesses, staycationing can help create more jobs in areas that attract tourists; a particularly welcome aspect considering current levels of unemployment. Paul Adams, manager of the Vincent boutique in Southport told the Guardian,

“We are getting a lot of couples coming for midweek breaks now. I think people are getting fed up with airports. I am sure that factor and the euro is why we are seeing the seaside towns coming back stronger.”

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