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RSPB Encourages Wildlife Lovers To ‘Make Your Nature Count’

Next week, 8th-14th June, is the RSPB’s ‘Make Your Nature Count’ week, where nature lovers up and down the UK are being asked to monitor the wildlife visiting their garden over a one hour period during the week.

The week-long survey is a follow up to the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ that takes place in January and helps the RSPB monitor and identify trends among wintering bird populations. It is hoped that ‘Make Your Nature Count’ will help provide insights into the amount of wildlife passing through Britain’s gardens, and to celebrate the important role wildlife plays.

People are being asked to look out for more than just the usual garden birds. The RSPB is also interested in finding out about whether people have visiting squirrels, frogs, badgers, hedgehogs and even domestic cats to help in their wildlife monitoring. Even if you spend an hour watching the goings on in your garden and don’t see any visitors, the RSPB is still interested in knowing about this to provide a full picture across the UK.

The RSPB ‘Make Your Nature Count’ website contains images of a number of the more common garden birds you may spot, as well as the other critters the RSPB wants to hear about. In addition, you can find information on attracting more wildlife to your garden and buy different products such as hedgehog houses and bird feeders. To take part in the survey, sign up to the RSPB’s website and you can submit the results of your watching.

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