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Stern: Shell Don’t Believe We Can Prevent 2 Degree Rise

The debates about climate change and its inevitability, our ability to prevent it happening and what we do to mitigate its effects if we fail to act are becoming more heated.

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horse burger

DNA from Horses Found in Supermarket Burgers

Burgers on sale in 5 different supermarkets across the UK and Ireland have been tested and found to contain horse meat. The biggest offender was a burger tested from Tesco which had 29% horse meat content.

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Campaigners Make A Bee Line For Whitehall

Concerns about bee populations being in decline have been in place for a while now, with research being conducted into why the populations of bees are being reduced so dramatically, and how we can act to turn this around.Yesterday however, Friends of the Earth campaigners being the Bee Cause campaign delivered their message about the role of bees in the economy direct to Whitehall advisors.

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Pollution Could Be Cut With Green Streets

A new study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal has found that increasing the number of green walls in cities could help reduce levels of pollution.

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gloucester old spot piglet

Shropshire Hairdresser Is A Rare Breed

A hairdresser from Shropshire has put down his scissors and comb and picked up a bucket and shovel. Derick Eggerton from Pickstock near Newport is showing his Gloucester Old Spot pigs at the Newport show on 14th July.

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Houses of Parliament

Voluntary Reporting on Carbon Emissions Yields Positive Results

Although not yet compulsory, a number of companies have voluntarily been auditing and reporting on their carbon emissions, and many companies are seeing the benefits, a report commissioned by the government has revealed.

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Beechwood Photography from Flickr

United Utilities Eco-Scheme Saves Ancient Oak Trees

Dingle Wood, a woodland near to Ridgegate Reservoir, Macclesfield, has many ancient oak trees that are hundreds of years old which were in danger of overcrowded by beech trees growing within the wood. United Utilities, however, have come to the rescue with a conservation scheme that has enabled space to be created around the oak trees giving them room to grow.

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Agri-environment Schemes Could be at Risk From Budget Cuts

The government has been warned by conservationists that environmental measures in the countryside could be damaged by budget cuts.

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Tagged Receive FSC Accreditation

Online flooring retailer have received an FSC accreditation which enables the company to use the well known FSC logo on a number of their engineered wood flooring products following chain-of-custody certification by SGS. SGS is a company providing verification and certification services to ensure particular requirements and standards regarding safety, performance and quality are met.

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BP Oil Leak Stopped With ‘Top Kill’ Method

Five weeks into the oil leak caused by an explosion at a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and a number of unsuccessful attempts at plugging the holes in the pipework later, BP’s latest solution, ‘top kill’, has managed to stop the flow of oil and natural gas.

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