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New Treeplanting Schemes Not The Answer To Deforestation

Deforestation has long been known to be a crime against the planet and of serious detriment to the environment. Rainforests that have covered the land for thousands of years are being eaten into every day with little or no regard for the consequences once this valuable carbon sink has been destroyed in order to feed the developed world’s hunger for consumer products.

New schemes are now being put into place however to try and help launch regeneration of the lost rainforests in countries such as Ghana where the area of rainforest remaining has been significantly reduced by the uncompromising greed for the forest’s wood. Hundreds of tree seedlings are being grown and the world’s worst polluters can purchase trees to be planted where deforestation has occurred in order to offset some of their business’s carbon emissions.

Initiatives such as this, estimated to be worth huge amounts of money, also aim to enable inhabitants to make a living from planting the trees rather than through logging and destruction of natural habitats.

However the schemes have received criticism from environmental groups, saying that the speed of replanting will never be able to match the speed at which further destruction is taking place. In addition, there are calls for companies to take responsibility for the pollution and greenhouse gases they emit and make changes to their practices in their own countries, rather than blaming developing countries for causing carbon emissions and using the escape clause of off-setting their carbon emissions through schemes such as this.

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