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national allotmtent week (photograph: bmarsh011 via flickr)

National Allotment Week Encourages People To Grow Their Own

It’s National Allotment Week and across the UK different events have been taking place to spread the word about growing your own. From open days at allotment gardens across the UK to a scarecrow competition launched by an Elvis impersonating scarecrow at the Eden Project in Cornwall, and plenty more to come before the week is out.

As well as enjoying a family day out at one of the events taking place, it is the ideal time to get some last minute gardening in before the end of the season. There are still plenty of different vegetables you can try your hand at, including radishes, carrots, turnips and beetroot, and, there are varieties of cabbage and lettuce that can be grown all year round.

Growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs is not only rewarding in terms of the wonderful taste of fresh home-grown produce, but can save you money and give a healthy boost to your family’s diet. It can also be a great way to bring the family together in a cheap and easy pastime.

Although this week’s focus is on allotments, you don’t have to have an allotment plot to enjoy the benefits of growing your own. There is huge demand for allotments across the UK, with many people on waiting lists hoping for a plot to come available in their local area. If you are waiting for an allotment, why not try a different method of growing until a plot becomes available. It can be interesting and exciting to try new and unusual ways of growing veg and the results of growing in a small space can be both fruitful and surprising.

There are many varieties of plants that are suited to container growing, either in pots and tubs on a patio or in garden or back yard, or in hanging baskets and window boxes attached to the house. If you don’t have a garden, maybe you could use a balcony and put a few pots outside, or if you only have windowsills, you could try herbs and maybe peppers or tomatoes. If all else fails, there’s always gorilla gardening or schemes such as landshare that could help keep you going. So go on, give it a go and dig for victory!

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