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Micro-Hybrid Technology Could Stop-Start An Eco-Car Revolution

Even the most environmentally minded among us often have to frequently rely on four wheel car transportation to get us from A to B so finding a low carbon emitting car, whether it’s a family car or a commuter vehicle, is important. Stop-start technology, which is also known as micro-hybrid technology, is tipped to become a standard component in vehicles and would be responsible for considerable carbon emission reductions.

The technology works by saving fuel by cutting power to the engine when it is idling, therefore not only reducing the amount of emissions from the vehicle, but also helping save you money because your petrol or diesel will last longer. It is very likely that with rising oil prices and therefore increased prices at the pump for petrol and diesel, people will begin to consider greener, more fuel efficient vehicles and the higher mpg and lower emissions of vehicles integrated with stop-start technology are likely to become more popular as a result. This could become even more of a factor if carbon rationing is introduced as a method of reducing people’s carbon footprints and limiting carbon consumption for each individual in the country.

Tony Miller, European Automotive Product Manager at Johnson Controls, who are the leading European suppliers of absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries that are used in stop-start technology, said,

“More and more consumers are now being influenced EU initiatives for city access restrictions and fines on vehicles with high CO2 emissions.”

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