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Transport and Travel

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Everyone has to travel, but there are greener alternatives available to us all that could help us reduce how much we rely on fossil fuels. We want to make it easier for people to make a commitment to reduce how much they travel and how they travel. Sometimes if we just knew what opportunities were there, such as car share schemes, public transport links, or even the cycle routes that exist in the local area, these decisions would be much easier to make.

University of Warwick Unveils WorldFirst Green Race Car

Most people would argue that motor racing and the environment don't fit together well, and usually they'd be right.

bike to work week

Get On Your Bike For Bike To Work Week

Across America and Canada people are being urged to join in with the spirit of Bike to Work Week from 11th-17th May.

Presteigne Hosts Annual Electric Bike Rally

This weekend will see Presteigne in Powys play host to the annual electric bike rally, and event the organisers have said, "If you own an electric bike or are interested in electric bikes or are thinking of buying a bike, there is no better place on earth to be than in Presteigne on the 9th, 10th of May.

Biofuels Come Under Scrutiny In Friends Of The Earth Research

April 2008 saw the government declare that a small percentage of biofuels would be added to the make-up of petrol and diesel in the UK.

Brown’s Electric Cars May Not Be The Answer

Gordon Brown has answered the pleas of many by pledging to make next month's Budget a greener budget in an attempt to try and draw Britain out of the recession and bring the economy back on track.

An Insight Into the Prius’ New Rival

With the launch of Honda's new hybrid car, the Insight, the Toyota Prius now has some competition in the greener car market.

Heathrow Loses The Plot

A current campaign by environmental activist group Greenpeace has seen them purchase a plot of land lying across the area where development is planned to take place to extend Heathrow Airport.