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Sustainable Development

sustainable development

Every country wants to see their economy grow, but there is no reason why this growth can’t be sustainable. We consider how green developments can be a reality, both in their choice of materials used, and by consciously minimising any negative impact on the environment and any eco-systems around the area. We will also keep you informed about campaigns against and proposals for new developments across the globe.

shetland wind turbines

Proposed Viking Wind Farm In Shetland Generates Controversy

Sitting at the top of Scotland with 22,000 inhabitants, Shetland receives more than its share of wind, making its small wind farm of 5 turbines, including Betsy, a 660kw turbine believed to be the world's most efficient wind turbine in existence, very well placed.

wind farm

London Array Spells Success For Wind Power

The plans for the London Array, originally proposed in 2001 and which have stood in jeopardy for the last few years have finally been approved thanks to new funding secured by the UK government in last month's Budget.

Sustainable Development Spurred On By New Building Regulations In Wales

Yesterday, the Housing Minister for Wales, Jane Davidson, announced that Wales will be setting stricter rules on new buildings from September 1st.

New Solar Tower Begins Commercial Production

Solar technology company Abengoa Solar announced this week that their second solar tower in Seville, Spain, PS20, has begun commercial production with the capacity to power 10,000 homes, which will prevent 12,000 tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

The Empire State Building Gets Much Needed Green Retrofit

The Empire State Building in New York is leading the way in retrofitting old buildings by taking advantage of green technologies to reduce emissions.

New York’s 1st Women’s Sustainability Conference

The first New York Women's Conference for Sustainability takes place this weekend, 27th-29th March, starting at 6:30pm tonight.

Will Anybody Come to the Rescue of the Bishops Castle Eco-Village?

The Eco-Village near Bishops Castle in Shropshire was made famous by its pledges to create a community of 40 houses with energy efficient designs and low carbon running costs, but now residents are up in arms as Living Villages, the company responsible for building the development has gone into administration.

Going Solar in the Sahara?

Experts at a Copenhagen global warming conference have suggested that installing a network of solar panels in the Sahara desert could satisfy the needs of Europe's energy demands.

Call for the Government to Invest in Greener Housing

Could the government be doing more to help the recession?

Heathrow Loses The Plot

A current campaign by environmental activist group Greenpeace has seen them purchase a plot of land lying across the area where development is planned to take place to extend Heathrow Airport.