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Science and Technology

Technological and scientific advancements can have a significant impact on the green credentials of many products and the energy efficiency of processes within businesses and the home. We want to keep you up to date with the latest discoveries and progress made, and new ways that science and green technology can help you and your home have less impact on the environment.

sony ericsson greenheart

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Introduces New Green Mobile Phones

The Green Village recently attended a roundtable discussion about Sony Ericsson's new GreenHeart mobile phones.

coca-cola logo

Coca Cola To Introduce Molasses Based Drinks Bottles

Coca-Cola contribute significantly to the millions of plastic bottles being discarded every year, but new plans announced by the drinks firm could see them taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their bottles.

University of Warwick Unveils WorldFirst Green Race Car

Most people would argue that motor racing and the environment don't fit together well, and usually they'd be right.


Microbial Action Reduces Gases Released From Landfill Sites

A study of literature reporting on the oxidation of methane in various soil types has shown that the process is successfully removing more carbon emissions than first thought.

Save Battery Waste

Makers of USBCELL Batteries Launch Recycling Campaign

The company behind the innovative USBCELL battery have today launched a new campaign, Save Battery Waste.

Colorado River

Water Shortages Imminent In Areas Serviced By Colorado River

A report by two climate scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego warns that the effects of climate change could lead to shortfalls in targeted water supply for homes serviced by the Colorado River; an area that has never before suffered a shortage.

Carbon Capture Used To Justify New Coal Power Stations

The government has given the go ahead for a new generation of coal fired power stations with the caveat that carbon capture and storage technology must be installed by 2025.

Plan It Green Screenshot 1

‘Plan It Green’ Computer Game Challenges Players to Green Their Own Cities

National Geographic and Merscom, a global video and games publisher, today launched 'Plan It Green', a new time management game that challenges players to create their own green and sustainable cities.

Nuclear – Waste or Answer to Britain’s Energy Problems?

With the unveiling of 11 proposed sites for new Nuclear Power Stations announced by the UK government last week, a period of public consultation has now begun to get feedback from the British public about their thoughts and feelings regarding the locations put forward.

McAfee Report Reveals the Environmental Impact of Spam

A new report undertaken by spam expert, Richi Jennings, ICF International, a global firm that provides consultancy and technological solutions to issues such as climate change and environmental problems among others, has been commissioned by Internet Security Firm McAfee to investigate the carbon footprint of spam emails.

Biofuels Come Under Scrutiny In Friends Of The Earth Research

April 2008 saw the government declare that a small percentage of biofuels would be added to the make-up of petrol and diesel in the UK.

Germany Says ‘No’ To Growing Monsanto’s GM Crop

After permitting farmers to grow Monsanto's GM maize variety MON 810 since 2005, Ilse Aigner, Germany's Agricultural Minister has announced the country's decision to ban further growth of the genetically engineered crop.

UK AWARE Green Exhibition Comes To London

A green exhibition run by UK AWARE is to open its doors next weekend on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April.

Marine Algae Could Reveal the Ocean’s Role in Global Warming

Research conducted into marine algae could provide information and answers about the role it plays in global warming.