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Recycling and Waste

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When we’ve finished with items we buy or the packaging that they come in, the story doesn’t end there. Just because the bin lorry has turned out of the street, the journey for our unwanted waste still goes on, whether it is dumped in a landfill site, shipped to other countries to be disposed of, incinerated or recycled. We wanted to look into what happens to the things we no longer want or need and help people find ways of reducing waste in the first place.

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Coca Cola To Introduce Molasses Based Drinks Bottles

Coca-Cola contribute significantly to the millions of plastic bottles being discarded every year, but new plans announced by the drinks firm could see them taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their bottles.

Old Trafford Traders Join In The Battle Against Bags

Reducing the amount of plastic bags given away each year has become a target for many companies and businesses of late, from supermarkets to high street retailers.

Day School Teaches Pre-Schoolers About Being Green

Pre-school children at a day school in Lake Forest, California, have been going green recently with a number of initiatives to involve the children and make them more aware of the environment.


Microbial Action Reduces Gases Released From Landfill Sites

A study of literature reporting on the oxidation of methane in various soil types has shown that the process is successfully removing more carbon emissions than first thought.

Cutting paper usage in your office

Everybody knows the importance of saving energy at home, but when you consider the average amount of time spent at work is 37 hours a week, it becomes easy to see the huge amount of capacity for energy saving and being greener in the workplace.

Save Battery Waste

Makers of USBCELL Batteries Launch Recycling Campaign

The company behind the innovative USBCELL battery have today launched a new campaign, Save Battery Waste.

Banish the Bags – Morrisons Hand Out Free Bags For Life

This week, supermarket chain Morrisons are giving away a free Bag for Life to all their customers.

New Zealand Supermarkets Introduce Tax to Curb Carrier Bag Use

New Zealand supermarket chain, Foodstuffs, have announced the introduction of a tax on carrier bags for customers at all New World and Four Square stores nationwide, and South Island's Pak 'n Save stores, which would make them the first supermarket in New Zealand charging for plastic bags.


New Book ‘Colonel Trash Truck’ Inspires Kids To Go Green

A new children's book, 'Colonel Trash Truck' has been launched ahead of Earth Day and aims to inspire children to care for the environment and get involved with recycling and leading greener lives by asking them to help him and the Green Team on their quest against the litterbugs.

Cutting the Grease – Free Fat Traps from Severn Trent

Severn Trent Water, the fourth largest privately owned water company in the world which provides services for over 8 million customers across the middle of Britain, are offering advice and discounted products to their customers through their website and 'source'.

Britain’s Supermarkets Get Packing

Around the country Britain's supermarkets have been declaring war on carrier bags, with various methods across the different chains to try and entice us to loosen our grip and reliance on plastic bags.

British Waterways Trolley Dash

British Waterways have been responsible for caring for the 2,200 miles of Britain's canals and rivers since it's introduction in 1962.

A Glass and a Half of the Green Stuff Please!

In July 2007, chocolate firm Cadbury launched their 'Purple goes Green' campaign to review their processes and reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

Destined for the Dump – Supermarkets vs Packaging

Findings from Local Government Association research into the amount of packaging supermarkets insist on wrapping goods in has prompted comments from Mike Warhurst, Friends of the Earth's Senior Waste Campaigner.