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Food and Farming

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Where our food is sourced and the farming practices that are used growing it can, and have, had a huge impact on the environment. We want to promote good practices and help people to be aware of the difference they can make in the choices they make when buying their food every week, such as by buying locally produced food, and supporting producers who pledge to reduce pesticide use and promote wildlife.

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Compassion In World Farming Encourage Home Cooks To Bake With Compassion

Animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming have organised the Bake With Compassion week to promote baking with free range eggs and help campaign against caged and battery production.

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Humpback Whales Under Threat From Greenland Whaling Request

Nearly 12 months ago a proposal to allow Greenland to increase their permitted whaling rights to include 10 humpback whales per year was rejected.

New Zealand High Court Declares GM Animal Applications Invalid

Applications submitted to ERMA (New Zealand's Environmental Risk Management Authority) from AgResearch, New Zealand's largest Crown Research Institute, have been declared invalid by the High Court following an appeal from GE Free NZ.

There Aren’t Plenty More Fish In The Sea According To ‘The End Of The Line’

There have been many stories over the last couple of decades warning of fish stock depletion due to over fishing of the world's oceans, especially with cod.

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Is Free Range All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Free range is on the up, with popularity growing for both meat and egg production across the UK.

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Free Range Eggs Continuing To Rise In Popularity

The popularity of free range eggs is on the increase, and likely thanks to the work of campaign groups and TV programmes promoting better welfare for, and increasing awareness of the conditions chickens live in used in producing both standard meat and caged eggs.

Something To Buzz About: £10m Government Funding For Bee Research

It's a well known fact that for the last few years, Britain's bee populations have been in decline.

Germany Says ‘No’ To Growing Monsanto’s GM Crop

After permitting farmers to grow Monsanto's GM maize variety MON 810 since 2005, Ilse Aigner, Germany's Agricultural Minister has announced the country's decision to ban further growth of the genetically engineered crop.

Jordans Cereals Have Got ‘The Buzz’ About Bee Conservation

Jordans cereals have been committed to using conservation grade cereals in their products for over twenty years now, thanks to the initiative of Bill Jordan in 1985.

MPs Urged to Show Support for British Chickens

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Chicken Out!

Will Tesco Chicken Out!?

Three weeks ago Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched a competition to inspire the creative side of followers of his famous Chicken Out!

Supermarkets – Super Powers

Now I'm not talking here about Tesco becoming telepathic or Asda having the ability to fly.