Campaigning for a greener future

Environmental Politics

As the environment is high on most people’s priority lists, green issues often find their way into governmental discussions. Additionally, there are many green groups and organisations campaigning to promote environmental proposals, and we want to spread the word so more people can add their weight behind their campaigns.

Solar panels gathering light

City Of York Council Seeking £6m Funding For Eco Home Sustainable Development

City of York Council has submitted proposals for sustainable development of the former British Sugar site, currently owned by Associated British Foods.

Scottish parliament buildings

Scottish Parliament Sets Precedent In Cutting Carbon Emissions

After three years of campaigning for stronger commitments in reducing carbon emissions, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland's work has paid off.

‘Mili-band’ In Kingsnorth Calls On Government To Act Against Climate Change

At an event organised by nine organisations looking to make people's feelings about the importance of acting against climate change known, more than 1000 people joined hands to make a 'Mili-band' around Kingsnorth power station.

air pollution from car exhuasts

EPA Grants California Greenhouse Gas Waiver

Following the intervention of President Barack Obama signing a Presidential Memorandum requesting the Environmental Protection Agency to review the decision to deny the greenhouse gas waiver request submitted by California.

Friends Of The Earth Launch Campaign Urging Councils To Get Serious About CO2

Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth have launched a new campaign promoting the reduction of carbon emissions by challenging local councils to get serious about CO2.

the white house

Obama Accused Of Watering Down Climate Change Bill

Barack Obama has been accused of watering down the climate change bill following pressure from coal and oil companies.


UK Climate Projections Show Potential Effects of Climate Change Over 21st Century

The UK Climate Projections for 2009 (UKCP09), which has been informed by scientific data from the UK Met Office, has been released today, and provides an alarming insight into the potential effects of global warming on the UK climate.

coal power station

Miliband Announces New Clean Coal Consultation

On 23rd April Ed Miliband outlined plans for clean coal technology to help reduce the UK's carbon emissions and begin to take action against climate change.

wind farm

Antiwind Super Group NAWAG Could Cause Problems For Wind Farm Developers

At a time when governments and organisations are striving to make commitments to cut carbon emissions, the source of the UK's energy is a bone of contention for many.

humpback whale

Humpback Whales Under Threat From Greenland Whaling Request

Nearly 12 months ago a proposal to allow Greenland to increase their permitted whaling rights to include 10 humpback whales per year was rejected.

Defra Launches Eco-Design Consulation To Safeguard Energy Standards

A new consultation announced today by Government agency, Defra, aims to canvass 213 companies including supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tesco and Asda, energy companies E-on, Npower and British Gas and a range of environmental charities and organisation such as Forum for the Future and WWF.


New Zealand Government Announces Fresh Water Reform

Nick Smith, New Zealand's Environment Minister, and Agricultural Minister David Carter yesterday announced the introduction of a new process to reform New Zealand's fresh water.

green party

Going Green For The European Elections

With promises of a million low carbon jobs and investment in renewable energy, social care, housing and public transport, it makes it clear why 34% of people are considering voting for the Green Party at tomorrow's election.

'Park and Ride' bus

Council Approves New ‘Park And Ride’ At Bathampton Meadows

The city of Bath is renowned for its healing spas and history and attracts around 4 million visitors each year.