Campaigning for a greener future

Environmental Impact

Every action we make has some impact on the environment, whether positive or negative. This section focusses on the problems caused across the globe by human activity and seeks to inform people and inspire them to take action to help reduce climate change and make a difference before it’s too late.

Friends Of The Earth Launch Campaign Urging Councils To Get Serious About CO2

Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth have launched a new campaign promoting the reduction of carbon emissions by challenging local councils to get serious about CO2.

the white house

Obama Accused Of Watering Down Climate Change Bill

Barack Obama has been accused of watering down the climate change bill following pressure from coal and oil companies.


UK Climate Projections Show Potential Effects of Climate Change Over 21st Century

The UK Climate Projections for 2009 (UKCP09), which has been informed by scientific data from the UK Met Office, has been released today, and provides an alarming insight into the potential effects of global warming on the UK climate.

Sizewell A nuclear power station

Nuclear Catastrophe Narrowly Avoided at Sizewell A Power Plant

The Sizewell A nuclear power station in Suffolk hasn't produced electricity since December 2006.

Greenpeace Take A Step In The Right Direction Against Climate Change

A new campaign launched by environmental campaign group Greenpeace is calling on consumers to take steps to help increase awareness about the detrimental effects that the footwear industry can have on the world's rainforests.

There Aren’t Plenty More Fish In The Sea According To ‘The End Of The Line’

There have been many stories over the last couple of decades warning of fish stock depletion due to over fishing of the world's oceans, especially with cod.

Solar energy in China

China Embraces Solar Energy To Fight Climate Change

China has promised to significantly increase renewable energy by 2020 by investing heavily in photovoltaic solar panels.

Florida Can’t Afford To Dismiss Drilling For Oil: Dean Cannon

Dean Cannon, state representative for Florida and set to take up the position of speaker in the House of Representatives in 2010, is arguing strongly for Florida to take advantage of oil and gas reserves off the coast of Florida, despite residents' concerns about the potential environmental impact this could have for the states' beaches.

endangered gorillas in the congo rainforest

Deforestation For Charcoal Putting Gorilla Populations At Risk

2009 has been officially declared as 'Year of the Gorilla' in an attempt to promote this important creature and increase awareness of the threats the species faces that could have a serious effect on gorilla populations.

coal fired power station

Asia’s Coal Power Stations Blamed For Increasing Sea Mercury Levels

A recent study by the US Geological Survey has pointed the finger at Asia's coal fired power stations.


Has BP Moved Beyond Green?

Following the decision to make safety a number one priority, oil company BP are the subject of much speculation about whether this means the end of their investment in green technology and renewables.

Women’s Institute Launches Campaign Against Climate Change

The Women's Institute announced the launch of their new campaign, Women and Climate Change, yesterday.

the prince's rainforest project

Prince Charles Launches Rainforest Public Awareness Campaign

Harnessing the power of digital media, Prince Charles has launched a new campaign to spread public awareness of the importance of the rainforest and acting to stop further deforestation and destruction while we still can.


Loss Of Chacaltaya Glacier Could Spell Water Shortages For Bolivia

The reported loss of the Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia earlier this year could have bigger implications for Bolivia than first thought.