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Energy and Resources

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In a world of rocketting energy prices and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, the Energy and Resources section puts forward the case for the various forms of renewable energy available in the UK. We review the various well-known alternatives of solar panels, wind turbines and water power, and look at developing technologies like biofuel, that one day may be commonly used in domestic properties.

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WRAP Research Indicates Waste Wood Demand Will Outstrip Supply

A new study conducted by WRAP, Waste & Resources Action Programme, published on 28th August 2009, has identified that demand for waste wood will outstrip supply in the next few years.

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Vestas Workers Lose The Battle To Keep Wind Turbine Factory Open

After 18 days of sit in protests from 11 workers trying to get their voices heard and save the Vestas Blades factory on the Isle of Wight the fight is over.

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British Gas Green Skills Training Centre To Be Built In South Wales Valleys

The UK's first Green Skills Training Centre will be built in Tredegar in the South Wales Valleys later this year according to an announcement from British Gas and the Welsh Assembly Government.


Friends Of The Earth Call On Government To Save British Wind Power Jobs

The day after the release of the DECC White Paper announcing the government's intention to invest more in wind power, committing to a target of 30% of the country's energy to be generated through renewable energy sources by 2020 and promising the creation of jobs in the environment sector, environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth have called for the government to safeguard the jobs we already have.

EDF Launch Green Britain Day And Get Accused Of Greenwashing

Yesterday, French owned energy company EDF launched Green Britain Day, supported by a number of prominent British athletes and HRH Prince of Wales.

‘Mili-band’ In Kingsnorth Calls On Government To Act Against Climate Change

At an event organised by nine organisations looking to make people's feelings about the importance of acting against climate change known, more than 1000 people joined hands to make a 'Mili-band' around Kingsnorth power station.

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Obama Accused Of Watering Down Climate Change Bill

Barack Obama has been accused of watering down the climate change bill following pressure from coal and oil companies.

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Saudi Arabian Oil Leader Says Renewable Energy Cannot Win Out Over Oil

Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, Mr Abdallah S.

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Miliband Announces New Clean Coal Consultation

On 23rd April Ed Miliband outlined plans for clean coal technology to help reduce the UK's carbon emissions and begin to take action against climate change.

wind farm

Antiwind Super Group NAWAG Could Cause Problems For Wind Farm Developers

At a time when governments and organisations are striving to make commitments to cut carbon emissions, the source of the UK's energy is a bone of contention for many.

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New Sainsbury’s Store Powers Its Checkouts On Kinetic Energy

You would be forgiven for thinking that all supermarkets are born equal; the same blueprint for design and layout.

Sizewell A nuclear power station

Nuclear Catastrophe Narrowly Avoided at Sizewell A Power Plant

The Sizewell A nuclear power station in Suffolk hasn't produced electricity since December 2006.

Greenpeace Take A Step In The Right Direction Against Climate Change

A new campaign launched by environmental campaign group Greenpeace is calling on consumers to take steps to help increase awareness about the detrimental effects that the footwear industry can have on the world's rainforests.


New Zealand Government Announces Fresh Water Reform

Nick Smith, New Zealand's Environment Minister, and Agricultural Minister David Carter yesterday announced the introduction of a new process to reform New Zealand's fresh water.