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Conservation and Wildlife

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The wealth of creatures and plants that we share the planet with can often get forgotten as we bustle about our daily lives. This section provides advice and information on helping to protect the wildlife we come into contact with, and inform people about the impact on animals across the globe so we can act, hopefully before it’s too late.

Overgrown trees

New Treeplanting Schemes Not The Answer To Deforestation

Deforestation has long been known to be a crime against the planet and of serious detriment to the environment.

frog in pond

Down At The Pond – The Tadpoles Are Growing!

After sitting surveying the wildlife visiting the garden as part of the RSPB 'Make Your Nature Count' week, I decided it was about time to see what progress the troops of tadpoles were making in the pond.

humpback whale

Humpback Whales Under Threat From Greenland Whaling Request

Nearly 12 months ago a proposal to allow Greenland to increase their permitted whaling rights to include 10 humpback whales per year was rejected.

Greenpeace Take A Step In The Right Direction Against Climate Change

A new campaign launched by environmental campaign group Greenpeace is calling on consumers to take steps to help increase awareness about the detrimental effects that the footwear industry can have on the world's rainforests.

common sparrow

RSPB Encourages Wildlife Lovers To ‘Make Your Nature Count’

Next week, 8th-14th June, is the RSPB's 'Make Your Nature Count' week, where nature lovers up and down the UK are being asked to monitor the wildlife visiting their garden over a one hour period during the week.


Conservation Organisations In A Flap About Declining Cuckoo Numbers

The familiar sound of the cuckoo is becoming a less heard occurrence in Britain, and the bird has been added to the RSPB's 'red list' of endangered species in the UK.

The Lake District

Pressure Mounts on Cumbria’s Lakes

The Lake district is known to many as a serene peaceful holiday retreat and a location good for walking, cycling and water sports.

'Park and Ride' bus

Council Approves New ‘Park And Ride’ At Bathampton Meadows

The city of Bath is renowned for its healing spas and history and attracts around 4 million visitors each year.

endangered gorillas in the congo rainforest

Deforestation For Charcoal Putting Gorilla Populations At Risk

2009 has been officially declared as 'Year of the Gorilla' in an attempt to promote this important creature and increase awareness of the threats the species faces that could have a serious effect on gorilla populations.

bumble bee

Bumbling Around The Garden

Whilst collecting the eggs and feeding the chickens this morning and enjoying a few rays of sunshine (a rarity this week, and that of course did not last!

coal fired power station

Asia’s Coal Power Stations Blamed For Increasing Sea Mercury Levels

A recent study by the US Geological Survey has pointed the finger at Asia's coal fired power stations.

the prince's rainforest project

Prince Charles Launches Rainforest Public Awareness Campaign

Harnessing the power of digital media, Prince Charles has launched a new campaign to spread public awareness of the importance of the rainforest and acting to stop further deforestation and destruction while we still can.

Caves Closed Across US In Attempt To Save Bat Populations

White Nose Syndrome, a fungal disease that affects hibernating bats, has devastated bat populations across America forcing the US forest service to close caves to the public.

wind turbine

RSPB Raise Support For Wind Farms

The RSPB have carried out a huge amount of research into the effects of wind farms on bird populations in the past few years.