Campaigning for a greener future


For those who want to leave the rat-race behind and escape to a life in the countryside, this section should provide all you need to know to live off the land and generate all the power and resources you need to live happily and healthily. For the less hardcore, articles and information can be found to help you become a little more independent, such as keeping chickens or installing solar panels.

permaculture growing swiss chard

Embracing Permaculture – Interview with Simon Blackwell

Permaculture is a way of growing and living that has recently received an increasing amount of publicity, 'but what is Permaculture?

gloucester old spot piglet

Shropshire Hairdresser Is A Rare Breed

A hairdresser from Shropshire has put down his scissors and comb and picked up a bucket and shovel.

selfsufficient-ish bible competition

Paperback Version of The Self Sufficient-ish Bible Launched

The minds behind the Self Sufficient-ish website, which aims to help people findĀ out about becoming more self sufficient and live a lower impact lifestyle whilst still enjoying the conveniences of modern life have published their pearls of wisdom in The Self Sufficient-ish Bible.

Honey bees

Omlet’s Beehaus Could Be The Answer To Declining Bee Populations

Britain's declining bee numbers have been cause for concern but the new beehive by Omlet could be the answer for boosting bee populations.

lily the goat

Lily The Goat Was Just Kidding After All

So after months of wondering, waiting, trekking up and down to the farm where the troublesome trio spend their days frolicking in the field, it turns out that our lovely four year old pygmy crossed with toggenburg goat Lily was just kidding all along.

Scottish Houses of Parliament

Guy Ritchie On A Mission To Make Ashcombe House Self Sufficient

Film director Guy Ritchie has submitted proposals to make Ashcombe House in Wiltshire "more self-sufficient".

Apple Orchard

National Trust Launches Campaign To Save Britain’s Orchards

National Trust has joined with Natural England to begin a project to bring awareness and conservation to the traditional orchard.

Profile view of an alpaca

Alpacas – The Multipurpose Member of the Family

For a few years now alpacas have been increasing in popularity, mainly because of their sought-after fleeces which are much softer than sheeps wool, and you have to admit, they are beautiful looking animals to have around too.

Crafty Hurdle Making on New Series Countrywise

Last night a new series, Countrywise, launched on ITV showcasing what "makes Britain tick".

A Step Closer to The Good Life – the popularity of chickens

Chicken seems to be flavour of the month for many urban dwelling Americans at the moment, and according to The Globe and Mail, Vancouver is fast on the way to becoming the next place where keeping chickens is high on the agenda.