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Grow Your Own

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Growing your own fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs have become very popular over the last few years. People have awoken to the health benefits, money saving aspect and overall satisfaction that harvesting the fruits of your labours can bring, and we want to help more people grow more and find new ways of growing your own veg.

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Gone To Seed

I always think there is little more satisfying than planting a seed in a pot of compost, nurturing it with warmth and water, and waiting for the day when the tips of those two first little leaves poke their way through the soil into the light.

Apple Orchard

National Trust Launches Campaign To Save Britain’s Orchards

National Trust has joined with Natural England to begin a project to bring awareness and conservation to the traditional orchard.

Healing with Herbs on ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’

Viewers were introduced to a range of herbal remedies and beauty products that are quick and easy for anybody to make in their own homes on last night's 'Grow Your Own Drugs'.

A New Greenhouse for The White House

The south lawn of The White House is to once again become an organic garden, providing fresh, organic vegetables for The White House kitchen, and leading by example, demonstrating to the American people just what can be achieved in the average garden space.

Compost Sales Higher Than Expected Ahead Of Growing Boom

Garden centres throughout the country are struggling to keep up with the demand of consumers wanting peat and other compost products as the grow-your-own bug kicks in.

New Series – Grow Your Own Drugs

Monday night saw the first in a six part series on BB2 at 8.

Container Gardening at the Staffordshire University Allotment

Tomorrow, the Staffordshire University Community Organic Gardeners will be holding a Container Gardening event at their allotment site next to Crime Scene House in Leek Road, Stoke.

A Growing Concern – National Trust to Create 1000 Allotments

The National Trust has announced that over the course of the next three years, they will be working to provide 1000 new allotment sites to help eager growers get digging to provide themselves with homegrown goodness.

Time to Prepare – Getting your Veg Plot Ready for Spring

As the first rays of sunshine peer through the clouds we're given an inkling that maybe, just maybe spring could be around the corner.

It’s Allot of Fun!

What with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recent series transforming a piece of derelict land in a Bristol estate into a miniature urban smallholding, and the increasing price of food showing no signs of slowing, growing your own food is becoming an ever more attractive proposition.