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Ethical Shopping

With a wide range of products now available to encourage greener consumerism, we provide the news and reviews to help you choose the most ethical products when buying new. In addition we provide ideas and alternatives to the familiar high street brands that can help your money and the planet’s resources go further.

sony ericsson greenheart

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Introduces New Green Mobile Phones

The Green Village recently attended a roundtable discussion about Sony Ericsson's new GreenHeart mobile phones.

'London on Tap' Tap top carafe

Thames Water Announce Winner Of ‘London On Tap’ Carafe Competition

Industrial designer Neil Barron has been announced the winner of the 'London on Tap' competition to design a stylish sustainable carafe for London's bars, restaurants and businesses.

Free range eggs in a box

Free Range Eggs Continuing To Rise In Popularity

The popularity of free range eggs is on the increase, and likely thanks to the work of campaign groups and TV programmes promoting better welfare for, and increasing awareness of the conditions chickens live in used in producing both standard meat and caged eggs.

Charity Shop Chic – Greening your Wardrobe

Buying a new outfit or three is most girls' (and a fair few men's) idea of fun, but although throw-away fashion can satisfy most budgets, the implications of fast fashion and keeping the prices low for consumers often cost the environment a great deal more.