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If you’re looking for green ideas and advice on making your house a greener and healthier place to live, you should feel right at home within this section. From providing information about the green alternatives available for the decor within your home, to energy saving and water saving tips to help reduce your home’s carbon emissions, the Eco Home section will show you the steps you can take to start making a difference.

Kevin McCloud Submits Plans For Eco-Housing Development

Swindon is set to be the location of the UK's next eco housing development if the plans submitted by presenter of the self-build TV show Grand Designs are approved.

Scottish Houses of Parliament

Guy Ritchie On A Mission To Make Ashcombe House Self Sufficient

Film director Guy Ritchie has submitted proposals to make Ashcombe House in Wiltshire "more self-sufficient".

Solar panels gathering light

City Of York Council Seeking £6m Funding For Eco Home Sustainable Development

City of York Council has submitted proposals for sustainable development of the former British Sugar site, currently owned by Associated British Foods.

Eco kitchen

How to make your kitchen appliances more environmentally friendly

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home; a busy room where lots goes on.

Sustainable Development Spurred On By New Building Regulations In Wales

Yesterday, the Housing Minister for Wales, Jane Davidson, announced that Wales will be setting stricter rules on new buildings from September 1st.

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Make Do and Mend – The Key To Surviving The Recession

Make do and mend, one of the major policies employed during the war, is being hailed as a key way of making it easier to survive the recession.

UK AWARE Green Exhibition Comes To London

A green exhibition run by UK AWARE is to open its doors next weekend on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April.

Water Meters – The Environment Agency’s Answer to Water Wastage

The Environment Agency has called for domestic water meters to be compulsory in England and Wales, stating that this would result in lower water consumption.

Tipped Over The Edge – Dream Home vs The Environment

U2's guitarist, The Edge, is at the centre of environmental controversy over plans to build his 'Dream Home' in Malibu, California.

Cutting the Grease – Free Fat Traps from Severn Trent

Severn Trent Water, the fourth largest privately owned water company in the world which provides services for over 8 million customers across the middle of Britain, are offering advice and discounted products to their customers through their website and 'source'.