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Going Green For The European Elections

With promises of a million low carbon jobs and investment in renewable energy, social care, housing and public transport, it makes it clear why 34% of people are considering voting for the Green Party at tomorrow’s election.

At a time when environmental issues, investment in low carbon initiatives and technologies and building an infrastructure that secures the future of the environment and further generations of Brits is of utmost importance, putting a tick in the box of your local Green Party candidate would be one sure way of sending a very strong message to those in power.

Environmental journalist George Monbiot is also selling the Green Party as a viable candidate for 4th June election, urging people not to fall into the trap of believing their votes to be wasted if they decide to put their faith behind their local green party representative.

There has been a significant amount of apathy over recent years, and especially considering current political outrage towards the expenses controversy, there is no more important a time to use the valuable vote we each have. Although many people think one vote, their vote, cannot make a difference, if everybody who doesn’t usually head to the poling station did so tomorrow, their votes could make a serious change to the distribution of power across the UK.

Voting is open from 7am until 10pm, so head down to your local polling station and put a tick in the box of the Greens. Together, the future of the environment can become a greener prospect and put an end to the lip service policies and contradictory actions of the main parties that have dominated politics for so long.

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