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Germany Sees Hottest April in 120 Years

Climate change has been blamed for causing what could end up being the hottest April Germany has seen since records began. DWD, the German Weather Service has reported temperatures that have been on average 4.5 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. Wolfgang Kusch, president of the DWD said yesterday,

“The climate change train is not just rolling, it’s getting faster and faster. If the next two days pan out as expected, we will have a new record month.”

In addition to record temperatures and an unusual amount of sun shining down on the country, Germany hasn’t seen the usual occurrence of April showers this year either. This could be further testament to changing weather patterns that scientists have predicted could become the norm if climate change continues and we don’t take action quickly enough to prevent more serious long-term problems.

It is being predicted that many of Germany’s cities could see a higher frequency of warmer temperatures if predictions for future temperatures are correct, while others could face problems such as flooding. Experts are warning that town planning should be taking the potential effects of climate change into consideration to ensure there are plans in place to cope with increasing extreme weather that may be experienced in the near future.

Floods have become more of a problem in Britain too of late, with last year’s devastating floods in Gloucestershire, Carlisle’s floods a couple of years ago and the famous flood waters that gushed through Boscastle in Cornwall. The latest place to fall victim was only this week, between St Ives and St Just in Cornwall.

It’s easy to pass off a warmer springtime with a smile as it is welcome after the cold bleak winter. But it would be naive to ignore these signs, rather than taking them as the warning they are to act while we still have chance. There’s a lot to lose if we don’t.

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