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Earth Day Action: Greenpeace Launch Climate Activism Inspiring Video

As their contribution to Earth Day, yesterday saw the launch of Greenpeace’s new video which aims to inspire watchers to become climate activists. Earth Day began in 1970, and was the brain child of Senator Gaylord Nelson, who decided to begin a campaign to kickstart public awareness and action about the environmental issues affecting the planet.

Earth Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe, and many organisations, companies, schools and individuals make pledges and hold events to celebrate this day and promote the importance of taking action to reduce environmental problems such as global warming and climate change. Greenpeace’s video, titled ‘Inspiring Action’, has been launched with the issue of runaway climate change in mind. The aim of their video, which shows scenes of whaling, unsustainable fishing and polluting power stations, is to motivate viewers to take action to promote the environment and campaign against issues such as these, with the ambition of achieving a figure of 3 million activists working to protect the planet.

With the approaching Copenhagen climate summit in December, Greenpeace are adding their voice to that of other organisations and campaigns such as ‘Not Stupid’, the campaign borne out of climate change film ‘Age of Stupid’, warning that climate issues need to be taken seriously, and that action to oppose the potentially devastating effects of climate change needs to be taken. Greenpeace state the following:

“It’s time to get involved. It’s time to get your friends involved. It’s time to get your parents or your kids involved. Our first mission is to get the message out that we want our leaders to take personal responsibility for stopping climate change.”

Watch the video to be inspired, and stay tuned for our ‘campaigns’ section to find out about campaigns The Green Village launches, as well as other organisations’ campaigns that we support.

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