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Day School Teaches Pre-Schoolers About Being Green

Pre-school children at a day school in Lake Forest, California, have been going green recently with a number of initiatives to involve the children and make them more aware of the environment.

Activities the youngsters are getting involved with include recycling, growing their own vegetables, such as lettuces grown in empty milk cartons in the school greenhouse which have now been transplanted to the playground, and making their own vermicompost by feeding worms their leftover food waste.

Teacher, Frances Robinson said,

“They’ve been learning about being good stewards and that they need to care about the earth and the earth cares about them. It’s all about understanding cycles and that everything we do affects things later on.”

The children also really enjoy getting involved and showing their commitment to the planet. One preschooler, four year old Autumn Rabjohns, explained how they get involved with the composting;

“We get peels from our apples and give them to the worms, and they make dirt out of it.”

As well as promoting environmentally friendly activities among the pre-schoolers, the school has expanded the green commitment across the older pupils in the lower school. School trips, such as the ‘Earthkeepers Programme’ take fourth grade students out into the field to gain an appreciation for the environment their efforts work to protect and to learn about sustainability.

Across the UK there are many schools with growing clubs, getting kids involved with growing their own vegetables at school, and with the announcement of the 21st Century Green Green High Performing Public School Facilities Act last week, let’s hope that green activities in schools become a permanent feature world wide.

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