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Compassion In World Farming Encourage Home Cooks To Bake With Compassion

Animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming have organised the Bake With Compassion week to promote baking with free range eggs and help campaign against caged and battery production. The weeklong campaign will take place between 6th and 12th July and aims to raise money through fundraising events to help promote the chickens’ cause.

The fundraising campaign will coincide with CIWF’s Good Egg Awards, which celebrate companies and organisations that switch to using free range eggs in their businesses and products and calls on budding cooks and home bakers to put on their pinnies and make some homemade goodies to promote the importance of using free range eggs.

Across Europe, there are currently 200 million hens held prisoners in cages producing eggs. By taking part in Bake With Compassion, you can help raise funds to contribute towards the important work that Compassion in World Farming do in promoting animal welfare, as well as spreading the word to more people about buying and using free range.

You can get involved by holding your own events to sell items made, whether you decide to set up a stall at your children’s school or youth group, or to sell cakes to your work colleagues. You could even arrange a tea party and invite friends, family or neighbours round to sample your fayre and raise some funds at the same time.

If you decide to hold an event, no matter how big or small, you can register on Compassion in World Farming’s website and get a fundraising pack including items such as cake labels and posters for publicising your event. Following the event, you can submit photos of you, your friends and your customers having fun, and of course the stars of the show, your cakes and baked goodies. If you want to go further, you could also go for organic eggs, and depending on what you decide to make, consider organic flour and butter and fairtrade chocolate and sugar for the rest of the ingredients. Happy Baking!

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