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Glass ramekin dishes

One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure

Well when I say ‘trash’ I’m perhaps not being 100% accurate because I was never going to throw this ‘trash’ in the bin. Even adding it to my recycling was out of the question, even though the items could be recycled along with glass jars and bottles. No, the subject of this post was not complete ‘trash’, but was something I wasn’t getting use of right now and I felt enough is enough. I needed to find this treasure a new home.

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Earth Hour 2014 Superhero Ambassador Spider-Man

Join In With WWF’s Earth Hour

Every year, WWF organises Earth Hour. The idea behind it is to bring together as many people as possible to collaborate and commit to looking after our planet.

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Chocolatier Suzanne and son Euan from Rainbow Organic Chocolates

Find Suzanne’s Organic Chocolates at the End of the Rainbow

We love chocolate (who doesn’t?!) So when we heard about Rainbow Organic Chocolates, handmade by Suzanne with assistance from her 13 year old son Euan, we had to find out more.

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picking blackberries - Image attribution: Flickr user nessman

Foraging for Fruit

Many people have memories of going foraging as a child, approaching a bramble patch loaded with glinting purple jewels and pulling them from their spiky stems to drop into a tupperware box or recycled ice cream tub. The purple stained fingers and tell tale purple tongue betraying a few sneaked berries that didn’t make it into the box. There’s little more satisfying than hunting for free food and enjoying making a few jars of preserves or a delicious autumnal pudding with the fruits of a day’s labour collecting a bounty and trekking home with it.

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Lush beauty products by joanna8555 from Flickr

Eco Xmas Wrapping

This weekend has seen me create the first attempt at my eco wrapping gift ideas. OK, so some of you will be thinking, that is way too organised to have gifts ready for wrapping, but there will be others more organised than I have been who already have bags of gifts wrapped, tagged and ready for delivery to friends and family members as Yuletide approaches, but I have to say I am very proud of my first gift wrapping creation!

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man laying a hedge (photograph: by soundslogical via flickr)

Stella Artois To Fund Hedgelaying In The UK

Master Brewers, Stella Artois have teamed up with the Tree Council to fund traditional hedgelaying throughout the UK. Over the next two years, Stella Artois will market promotional multi-packs of lager and for each pack, will donate funds to grow and plant hedge saplings.

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Bake With Compassion Cake Sale Was A Roaring Success!

The efforts to bake yummy cakes and encourage my work colleagues to join in, crack open some free range eggs and do some free range baking with compassion themselves were a success in the end. I’m both pleased and proud to say the collective figure raised by our efforts was a respectable £58.28 which I hope Compassion in World Farming will be able to put to good use in campaigns to promote free range and putt an end to battery egg production.

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cake baking

Busy Baking With Compassion

I have to say I’m glad it wasn’t has hot in my kitchen as it has been all week, otherwise I may have found it a little harder to bake with compassion this afternoon! While Chris was busy watching the men’s Wimbledon final, I slaved away in the kitchen preparing my cakes to sell to colleagues in order to raise money for the Compassion in World Farming Bake With Compassion campaign (well I say slave but it was fun really!) and put my super duper mixer to the test creaming and beating and sounding like it was about to take off.

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home=made cakes

Compassion In World Farming Encourage Home Cooks To Bake With Compassion

Animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming have organised the Bake With Compassion week to promote baking with free range eggs and help campaign against caged and battery production. The weeklong campaign will take place between 6th and 12th July and aims to raise money through fundraising events to help promote the chickens’ cause.

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sewing stuff

Make Do and Mend – The Key To Surviving The Recession

Make do and mend, one of the major policies employed during the war, is being hailed as a key way of making it easier to survive the recession. People have become used to being able to pop out to the shops and buy new clothes, appliances, cars, carpets, and any other consumer products you wish to name. And not only because existing ones are worn out, but just because they fancy a change. Well change is here.

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Profile view of an alpaca

Alpacas – The Multipurpose Member of the Family

For a few years now alpacas have been increasing in popularity, mainly because of their sought-after fleeces which are much softer than sheeps wool, and you have to admit, they are beautiful looking animals to have around too. The popularity of alpaca wool is largely thanks to Sir Titus Salt, a Yorkshire born entrepreneur who joined his father in the wool trade at the age of 18, who discovered the fleece for sale at Liverpool docks. He went on to create garments with the fleece which were popular with the upper class and from this went on to build his own mill.

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Crafty Hurdle Making on New Series Countrywise

Last night a new series, Countrywise, launched on ITV showcasing what “makes Britain tick”. The programme, the first in a 36 episode series, focuses on different aspects of the Great British Countryside and is presented by Paul Heiney. As well as providing viewers with a reminder of the beauty and hidden gems to visit within the UK, each episode includes a short feature, ‘Country Champions’, celebrating people who practice traditional skills and crafts that all too often get forgotten or lost. Tonight’s programme focussed on hurdlemaking.

The programme told the story of Alan Brown, a 70 year old 6th generation hurdle maker from Dorset who crafts hurdles from his own hazel coppice. Alan sells the hurdles mainly for use in gardens now, however he advises that there are still the odd sheep hurdles sold for lambing pens on farms. The programme also shows his son, who is also a trained hurdle maker, but unfortunately he was forced to seek work elsewhere as making hurdles was not profitable enough. Mr Brown explains that imported hurdles tend to be made using full lengths of wood often held together with nails, whereas his traditional hurdles are made from split lengths of the wood and are held together by their own strength in the way the hurdle itself is constructed.

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What a Cracker! Get Crafty with the Kids this Christmas

It’s that time of year when the days whiz by and before you know it, Christmas is upon us again. Well we’ve got a super way to cross one of those Xmas essentials off the list, and you can save some pennies, do some recycling, and occupy the kids all in one by making your own environmentally friendly Christmas Crackers. Just follow the easy instructions below, you can miss out any bits you don’t need, and before you know it you’ll have some fantastic green Christmas decorations.

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