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Brown’s Electric Cars May Not Be The Answer

Gordon Brown has answered the pleas of many by pledging to make next month’s Budget a greener budget in an attempt to try and draw Britain out of the recession and bring the economy back on track. One of the ways he is planning to achieve this is through greener transportation in the city, in the form of electric cars.

Proposed measures to tackle the struggling economy include Brown offering incentives for makers of environmentally friendly vehicles, and also trials of electric cars and the installation of a network of charging points to support this proposed development. Brown commented that the Budget will be

“A job creator, a quality of life improver, and an environment-enhancing measure.”

Environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth remain unconvinced, however, and have expressed concern that although advancements in greener transport would be a welcome scene for the country, the full implications of installing electricity powered cars may not have been given all the consideration they need. Their concern is borne of the fact that the power to run these vehicles still has to come from somewhere, and with a renewables industry that is not particularly strong to begin with, there is not enough support for increasing the supply of renewable energy for domestic properties, nevermind to be able to power a network of vehicles running around the capital. Andy Atkins, Executive Director of Friends of the Earth commented,

“Gordon Brown’s electric dream is commendable but essentially misses the point – renewable energy is what we need.”

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