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Spring Has Sprung!

Although the daffodils have been out for a couple of weeks now and we’ve been blessed with some early sunshine (despite the rather heavy rain around lunch time today!), this weekend for me has really felt like spring is here and winter is over.

I know it’s not always wise to say this sort of thing aloud, just in case Mother Nature decides to send down some flurries of snow and sends forth more frost, but especially with the clocks having gone forward giving an extra hour of light each day, I can’t help but want to shout it from the rooftops! I always find the weeks more enjoyable, even after a busy day at the office, when there’s no longer a need to have the headlights on and there’s the chance to spend 30 minutes or an hour pottering around the garden before the sun goes down.

It’s not just the extra daylight that fills me with optimism and joy for the lighter months approaching. Catching up on some much needed garden tidying yesterday afternoon, I stumbled across a mass of wriggling tadpoles in the garden pond, which only recently progressed from being wobbling, jelly like frog spawn. A spritely frog also came hopping out of my herb wall as I was clipping back brown stems and curled leaves so the garden can begin to look loved again.

Finding about 6 ladybirds in various areas of the garden pleased me too, as I’ve not seen as many of them about over the last couple of years, but the creature that always brings a smile to my face is the bumbling bumble bee. As a leaving gift when I left an old job about 18 months ago, I was given a bumble bee house, but sadly it was too late in the year to become home to any winged friends for the garden, so now, having seen around 8 since last weekend, I’m hoping somebody might move in and make it home.

It’s lovely seeing the beneficial insects and ever increasing frog population in the garden. It proves to me my wildlife garden is attractive to wildlife, and I look forward to their assistance with pollination, insect and slug control once my vegetables go into the beds. It just feels right to be helping that cycle of life and seeing how a little help and consideration for other occupants of my garden can help my garden be more productive. It really is something to smile about!

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