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organic seed packets

Turning Over A New Leaf

After the chill of December snow and frost on the ground and the busy bustle of the Christmas period, getting through the January blues and starting to see evenings grow longer with more daylight hours to enjoy, I’m beginning to look to making plans for the year ahead.

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Eco Xmas Wrapping

This weekend has seen me create the first attempt at my eco wrapping gift ideas.

Succession planted lettuces

Succeeding With the Succession Planting

Well I'm happy to report (belatedly) that the bean tunnel is up and the flowers are beginning to appear on my french beans and runner beans so can't wait to start seeing little beans forming.

cabbages and aliums

There May be Plenty of Veg…

May has to be one of my favourite months of the year, not just because it often has more reliable weather than August, or because two bank holidays give the luxury of a couple of long weekends (although the reliable weather thing doesn't usually extend to cover the British Bank Holidays as we are often made only too aware!

broad beans

Homegrown Goodness – The Start Of The Harvest

Months of preparation are beginning to pay off as the first real crops are maturing at the allotment.

lily the goat

Lily The Goat Was Just Kidding After All

So after months of wondering, waiting, trekking up and down to the farm where the troublesome trio spend their days frolicking in the field, it turns out that our lovely four year old pygmy crossed with toggenburg goat Lily was just kidding all along.

Bake With Compassion Cake Sale Was A Roaring Success!

The efforts to bake yummy cakes and encourage my work colleagues to join in, crack open some free range eggs and do some free range baking with compassion themselves were a success in the end.

cake baking

Busy Baking With Compassion

I have to say I'm glad it wasn't has hot in my kitchen as it has been all week, otherwise I may have found it a little harder to bake with compassion this afternoon!

frog in pond

Down At The Pond – The Tadpoles Are Growing!

After sitting surveying the wildlife visiting the garden as part of the RSPB 'Make Your Nature Count' week, I decided it was about time to see what progress the troops of tadpoles were making in the pond.

bumble bee

Bumbling Around The Garden

Whilst collecting the eggs and feeding the chickens this morning and enjoying a few rays of sunshine (a rarity this week, and that of course did not last!

gone off the rails

Has The UK Gone Off The Rails?

I was talking with my mum earlier this week and she was telling me about a trip to Birmingham to visit the National Trust Back to Backs Exhibition, which in itself was a fantastic day out showcasing a row of terraced houses each depicting a different era, including a wartime house complete with Dig for Victory garden.

peas and beans

Gone To Seed

I always think there is little more satisfying than planting a seed in a pot of compost, nurturing it with warmth and water, and waiting for the day when the tips of those two first little leaves poke their way through the soil into the light.

Come on America – Face up to Your Green Responsibilities

Watching the antics of Ethicalman on this week's Newsnight programmes as he journeys across the USA on his mission against global warming, I found myself wondering how the American government can feel happy to be taking minimal steps to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Down At The Pond: Tadpoles On The Move

With each new day our little pond is getting ever livelier.

Becoming a Child Again

In a world where everyone is so busy and nobody has time to stop and think, never mind to think about themselves, we have many questions we should be asking ourselves.