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Glass ramekin dishes

One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure

Well when I say ‘trash’ I’m perhaps not being 100% accurate because I was never going to throw this ‘trash’ in the bin. Even adding it to my recycling was out of the question, even though the items could be recycled along with glass jars and bottles. No, the subject of this post was not complete ‘trash’, but was something I wasn’t getting use of right now and I felt enough is enough. I needed to find this treasure a new home.

So what is the trash/treasure I’m talking about? That would be Gu pudding containers. The packaging that encases delicious desserts I’m not ashamed to say I absolutely love. Each pack of two comes in a pretty glass ramekin dish, perfect to be saved and reused for your own desserts or when you need a little dish while cooking or when serving a meal. Four of these dishes were sitting beside my sink in the kitchen and had been for a couple of weeks. My crockery cupboard where they’d normally be stashed had a further 20 sitting on the shelf. And I knew I had a few in a cupboard in my utility room. (There were actually 64 in total when I counted… perhaps I like those puddings a little too much!)

After being in spring clean mode for the past week or so, which has seen me finding at least two boxes of ‘stuff’ from around the house that will go to a carboot sale in the next couple of weeks, I decided these ramekins, or at least a good percentage of them, needed a new home. I shared my loot on a post on Facebook ¬†on a local buy/sell/swap/free page and a few people got in touch thinking of them as ideal containers for candles or for making creme brulee for their cafe. Sadly they were a bit too far away to come and rehome my ramekin collection. However all was not lost when a message popped up asking for all 30 (as per my initial post). The ramekins were going to be part of wedding decorations for a DIY wedding! And when I realised there were many more than 30 available ramekins, the lovely bride to be decided to take 50 glass containers. Bundled into a reused recycled cardboard box from my sister’s house move last weekend (more brownie points?) with some old newspaper round them for protection (getting even greener?!) the ramekins have just been collected by people very grateful for the donation of said ramekins. Which just shows that just because something doesn’t have value to you, it could be just what somebody else is looking for and would be prepared to pay out good money for!

So am I sad to see the ramekins go? Not at all. I still have 14 in my cupboard in the utility room should I fancy making something with them. And I think there might be a box with twenty more in the attic… maybe I need to lay off the puds! But in all seriousness, next time you have something that you don’t need any more, yes you could recycle it… but what if it could be put to good use as it is? Then you’re giving that something a whole new lease of life and helping reduce the demand for new resources! Green points for you and you could meet some lovely people along the way.

Have you got a tale about a swap or something you’ve passed on to somebody else that could have just gone in the bin? Get in touch and let us know!

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