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Make Your White Wedding A Green Wedding

So many of my friends and family seem to be getting married at the moment that linking the subject with being environmentally friendly was bound to happen sooner or later. Large life events can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint, and weddings are certainly no exception to the rule.

Many people start planning their wedding day far in advance, booking their perfect wedding venue, ordering their cake from a specialist wedding cake designer and being measured up to have the perfect wedding gown stitched together. By planning so far in advance, wedding planning can make it easy to include some more environmentally friendly options for your wedding day, without having to compromise on style or making your day special.

I got inspiration for some ways to reduce wedding carbon emissions from an article I came across, but there are also many other areas where a difference can be made to the environmental impact of your wedding day.

A key way to be green is to promote local businesses. Helping support a local cake baker or a specialist wedding shop is an excellent way of investing in your local economy.

Another idea is to employ a wedding photographer or videographer who created digital prints rather than paper copies or DVDs of your wedding. This makes it easier to distribute your wedding photographs or video, either as an attachment on email or sharing with friends on social media sites. It cuts down on resources, and you’re more likely to look back at the happy memories too, than if you have to find the album or disc stored away for safe keeping.

Finally, many brides and their bridesmaids visit the hair dresser for wedding make up and hair designs. Why not look for a salon which uses mineral make up, which is better for your skin as well as the environment, or who use eco friendly hair, skin and nail products. This not only makes you feel better knowing your body has been pampered with plant extracts and natural ingredients, but you know your beauty session hasn’t had a negative impact on the environment.

Whatever choices you make for your wedding day, it’s a special day for you, your family and friends, but if cost isn’t affected too greatly and there are other benefits too from making a greener choice, it’s worth considering whether you can make your wedding a greener wedding.

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