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SEEDBALL delivery with Butterfly Mix Seedballs

Having a SEED-ball

We first heard about SEEDBALL through Twitter and were so excited when we received a little package through the post with a tin of butterfly mix seedballs to scatter at Green Village HQ.

Butterfly Mix Seedball TinIf you haven’t heard about SEEDBALL, you can find out more about their fantastic products and the aims of their project in our Q and A with Anna Evely, one of the directors and founders of the enterprise. In a nutshell though, they create mini balls of seeds combined with compost, clay and chili pepper that can be thrown on the ground and they’ll help turn your garden into a haven for bees and butterflies.

Last year we built a wildlife hotel using old tree stumps, roof tiles, terracotta pots and broken bamboo canes to provide homes for beneficial insects and hopefully small reptiles and mammals to patrol the garden and provide some permaculture style pest control. What better companion for our wildlife haven then, than a scattering of butterfly seedballs?

Inside the tin of Butterfly Mix SeedballsHaving been over-run somewhat by nettle roots and grass, the patch is one of the last areas to be cleared, so I set to work last weekend and finished off on Monday with my trusty wellies on my feet and my garden fork in hand. The beauty of SEEDBALL is that you don’t even need to go to the effort I did to clear roots and weeds away, but it had been a job on my list for once the weather dried out, and it also makes it easier to share the progress of our plants springing forth from their seedballs.

Seedballs ready to scatterOur tin of butterfly mix includes red campion, forget-me-not, purple loosestrife, musk mallow and yarrow. The seeds germinate and flower between April and October giving colour and food for butterflies throughout the season, and come back year after year too!

It really is just as easy as it says on the tin; you just take a handful of seedballs and scatter them on the ground. No experience required. No expertise. Barely any time is even needed and you can be contributing to helping British wildlife.

Scattered Butterfly Mix SeedballsWe’ll be keeping a keen eye on our butterfly garden and will bring you updates and photos of our SEEDBALL experience as the seedlings begin to grow, when they’re flowering, and hopefully when they’re being enjoyed by butterflies in the garden. In the meantime, if you want to create your own wildlife garden, order your SEEDBALL tins today.

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