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Down At The Pond – The Tadpoles Are Growing!

After sitting surveying the wildlife visiting the garden as part of the RSPB ‘Make Your Nature Count’ week, I decided it was about time to see what progress the troops of tadpoles were making in the pond. I was really pleased when I peered into the water to see the surface being rippled by plenty of tiny little bodies, indicating that most of them seem to have survived, and not only that, but they are becoming more frog-like by the day.

As well as having little angular bodies, the tadpoles now have two pairs of tiny little legs, the back legs either side of their powerful tails that are still as long as they ever were. Whenever I’m wandering the garden and see troublesome snails creeping across the patio or lurking on the fence panel, I take great pleasure in relieving my plants from their jaws and dropping them into the pond to provide a tasty meal for the growing family!

I heard the neighbours next door talking about their pond nestled under the trees before they moved out at the weekend, and thought I heard one say that the pond had dried up. I’m really hoping that’s not the case, and that they just hadn’t looked in on it for a while. We’ve had a fair amount of rain today, so perhaps that will have poured some life back into it if it has dried up; there are so many little froglets that a second home would be incredibly useful, even if it just gives the parents some peace from all the wriggling bodies in our pond! I might have to venture round and see if there is water in the pond, and if not, give it a helping hand from our water butt.

Rain water is the best thing to use for filling a pond, so this would be the next best thing to letting it fill naturally. I’d hate to think some creature, frog or otherwise, finds its way in to the empty pond and can’t get out…

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