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Down At The Pond: Tadpoles On The Move

With each new day our little pond is getting ever livelier. The frog spawn became a population of tadpoles a couple of weeks ago and they’re really travelling now, straying away from the familiar edge where they began life and exploring the whole pond.

What started as little glossy black dots with wiggly tails are becoming mottled with more angular backs, and the speed their tails are now propelling them along at is quite amazing. I can’t wait for the day when I go outside, crouch in the longer grass surrounding the mini haven and see teeny legs starting to sprout from their bodies. There must be some 30-35 of them happily browsing their world. I just hope the local cats don’t manage to get too many of them.

Their help controlling the pesky slugs and snails that visit from the neighbour’s wilderness of large leafy plants is always welcome and every extra mouth eating into their population is good news. Especially when you consider 25% of a frogs’ diet is made up of slugs!

As well as cats preying on our little frog population, a few months ago there was a succession of frogs that sadly came to untimely deaths by car. Such a shame to see. But even more reason to encourage frog families, and many other creatures, with wildlife ponds.

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