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Bumbling Around The Garden

Whilst collecting the eggs and feeding the chickens this morning and enjoying a few rays of sunshine (a rarity this week, and that of course did not last!) I was very pleased to see four bees hard at work trooping between the various plants and flowers in the garden. A little bee almost like a miniature bumble bee was enjoying itself on a purple-blue comfrey flower; two honey bees were navigating their way around the aquilegias, and a fourth fellow settled himself for a rest on a lilac leaf, no doubt glad of the sun as I was!

It’s good to see, especially with all the concerns at the moment about bee populations, that they are about and they are getting the job done, but that’s not to say we can sit on our laurels and think that everything is hunky dorey just because there were 4 bees in one garden so there must be plenty everywhere. I look forward to the day when I can have a bee hive of my own; not only for the obvious benefit of knowing there are bees on my plot to pollinate my plants and to give a supply of honey, but also because it will help boost bee populations to help secure other growers’ fruit and vegetable crops. In addition, let’s not forget they are a fantastic creature that should be celebrated for their hardworking and crucial role played in the cycle of life.

As well as the bees, there were also a few butterflies stretching their wings and flitting about on the breeze. A cabbage white settled on a nettle plant in a neighbour’s garden, and an orange tip fluttered it’s way down the length of the garden then on and up into the village. It will be nice when the buddleia in the next garden bursts into beautiful fragrant flowers. I’m hoping to see more peacock butterflies this year, but many people blame the lower numbers of both bees and butterflies last year on the poor summer weather. Considering the UK forecasts for this year are that we’ll have a hot summer, hopefully it will be a welcome boost for our winged friends. I certainly hope so!

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