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Becoming a Child Again

In a world where everyone is so busy and nobody has time to stop and think, never mind to think about themselves, we have many questions we should be asking ourselves. Why do we just keep going as if all that matters is accumulation and driving the consumer way of life currently existing in Britain? When are we going to stop and take stock? Think about what we are doing to ourselves and the planet? And not just pay it lip service… actually stop and think seriously… take the time to consider fully what impact is being had on our bodies, our minds, our homes, our lives and the world we live in. Let’s face it, if we leave it too long, it will be too late.

Some might say it’s already too late. In some respects, it is too late. Too late for the years that have passed where no action has been taken. Too late to stop many thousands of tonnes of rubbish and refuse being dumped onto the soil from which we live. Too late to stop the existence of the hole in the ozone layer.

Maybe we can’t stop planes taking off and the motorways pumping goods vehicles round the body of the planet, but we can change ourselves, and one thing at a time, no matter how big or small, we can all make a difference. And let’s face it, in the main, the real reason why most people do things is to be selfish. So start by being selfish if that’s what motivates you! Everybody is different; an individual who’s individual thoughts and opinions matter. Therefore who has the right to claim the moral ground and tell everybody else that they are committing sins against the earth for this and crimes against humanity for that? Nobody.

What drives each of us is what makes us human and survival is the most basic instinct there is. The fact that our current way of life has made it that humans are probably as far removed from their natural instincts as they possibly could be is irrelevant. We exist, we occupy the planet, and we all have as much right to be here as the next person. So why do we all get so hung up on what we do, who we are and what everyone else is doing? OK, so our own lives get a bit boring from time to time with the drudgery of work and the pressure of bills and so on. But doesn’t that all get a bit tiring after a while hearing the same old excuses? If you are unhappy, fed up or bored, why look to other people’s lives for entertainment? Even if you do find pleasure there it will be short lived and before long you’ll be looking for the next thing to occupy your tired mind.

People have lost touch with who they are. They get stuck doing the same things day in day out. It becomes a routine. And all too often, the feelings, the boredom, the lack of energy and apathy that is borne from it become a habit too. If people were happier to be themselves and accept themselves for who they are, with their weaknesses seen as being as much a part of what makes them them, as the strengths of which they are usually so proud, people would not feel so much of a need to accumulate ‘things’ to give themselves status and social standing. The pressure to earn more money to spend on better cars and plasma tvs, high heels and designer clothes would not control people’s lives. They would be free to spend money on better quality food and more enjoyment from what they eat as a result. They would begin to rediscover the things that truly matter in life. Living.

It has always been said that the best things in life are free. Now the more cynical among us may well pipe up at this point and ask what exactly is free in the current climate of rising food, petrol and energy prices.

But what of walking along a beach with the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair? The sound of waves breaking on the shore or crashing over rocks. What about the exhilarating feeling of climbing to the top of a hill or a mountain and looking down upon the rest of the world going about its business? What of bird song? Or watching bumblebees buzzing between flowers? Curling up in a favourite spot and reading a book. A place in the sun in the summer; a comfy perch by a fire in the winter. Campfires and singing with friends playing along on guitar or banging a drum. Sitting and chatting for hours on end about something… or about nothing. Making daisy chains. Collecting pine cones and conkers…

Funny how so many things sound like the sorts of things we would do as children. You would think we’d grow as adults, but so many people seem to contract. How many people would climb a tree if they were under the age of 10 unless they were fueled by alcohol or showing off to mates? As a child you’d climb a tree to feel on top of the world. Kids roll down hills and land in a bundle of laughter at the bottom. They jump in puddles and end up covered in splashes of rain water and mud and don’t care! They run into piles of leaves, scrunching and crunching and loving the sound and the feel of it and when the snow falls they have snowball fights and make snow creatures and people and winged angels lie on the ground.

They have no worries. Not a care in the world. Maybe it’s because they’re innocent and growing up and becoming aware of the ways of the world are what take this away from us. Or maybe it’s what happiness is.

Maybe we all need to learn to be children again…

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